Black and White Tuesday15-0302


Black and White Tuesday,

 February 03, 2015


Early morning on Corio Bay – last week.

corio-bay_4018Geelong foreshore and yacht club area.

New apartments overlooking the beach and

Central Business District about five minutes walk.


Just around to the right is an older section of Geelong

with magnificent waterfront houses.

Some being nearly one hundred years old and all with

  front doors about one hundred metres from water’s edge.

Park land between water’s edge and road

 ensures that these views will remain for many years to come.

Even in Black and White I think these are stunning views.



Hope you enjoyed.


Travel Theme-Doorways




Travel Theme.


Some doorways from Geelong.

Door_1943BWTwo church doors…
Door_1856BWof appropriately the same era.

gateway_0061When I thought of this photo I was thinking of

‘…doorway to Kruger Park…’

Cunningham Pier 2Finally, the doorway to Cunningham Pier.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: “Doorways