Our Mock Orange in bloom

Taken  in late April four or five years ago,

we still have one or two green oranges on our tree.


It may be just my eyes

but I believe there is a tinge

of orange in this daisy.



Also some orange in the sunrise.

Finally, pumpkin seeds.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Orange




All sorts of orange.

Motor scooter in Melbourne.

Also captured…

in Melbourne.

The surf board may have a bit more red in it

but still looks orange to me.


One of the last of the

Australian made General Motors vehicles.

European replacements are nowhere near as good.

But I guess we will get used to them.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Orange

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Orange-Pink


I have alternated colours this week.Bags of Australian grown oranges

in Melbourne.

Pink blossom closer to home.

The manufacturer calls this colour ‘Jaffa’.

Most people refer to it as orange.

It is one of the last cars manufactured in Australia,

by General Motors Holden.

A pink Galah.

Often people who do something silly

are called galahs also.


 Not sure where I found this

or what it is supposed to be,

however, it is orange.


Who cares what colour they are.

Macaroons are always yummy.

Just not healthy.

A motor scooter in Melbourne.



I believe this photo was taken in Florence.

Just cannot remember if the bag

was for sale or

owned by a fellow traveller.

The other option was that it fell into the:

‘...Darling this matches my shoes…

and it’s only 1,000 Euro...’


Captured in Lucerne, Switzerland.



This not an orange car.

General Motors experts have deemed that

this is the colour is Fantale.

I think you can still purchase Fantales in shops.

A chocolate wrapped sweet/candy upon

the wrapping is some ‘in-depth’ information

about movie stars.

Or that was the case many decades ago.


And some furniture we sighted

while furniture shopping

with Number 1 Son many years ago.

Our Mock Orange in bloom.

Finally, one of our orange twists.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Orange


Weekly Photo Challenge-Orange


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Random shots of orange.

All the above were snapped by Number 1, while helping him furnish his house last year.

No, none of these made the grade…no matter how hard I persuaded him.
Some home-grown oranges

Mock Orange_1853Might be stretching the bow a bit with a Mock Orange…

ORANGE3but pumpkins seeds are okay.

car_0428The company calls this colour Fantale

but for me it an orange subject.

sunset_0350Pinkish orange?????  Sunset February, 2014.

Yesterday I also posted this on the Sunsets and Sunrises Facebook page.



Travel Theme-Details




Travel Theme.


We had a birthday in our household last week.

flower_0012Quietly I suggested to the chips off the old block

that a surprise visit for tea/dinner whatever

you want to call an evening meal,

would be appropriate.

flower_0021We worked out who was going to collect the takeaway,

no expense was to be spared.

flower_0025Both boys arrived, promptly, with flowers.

Then the inevitable discussion began about who was ‘Favourite Son’.

So it went…No. 1 declared he was, because his flowers were better.

No 2 countered with ‘I got Mum’s favourite colour”

No 1, found some of the favourite colour in his bunch,

and reclaimed his perch.

Honestly!  It was like I was back in a Grade 2 class…

flower_0027After No. 1 had departed for the evening,

No. 2 pointed out that he had provided

 the favourite colour ribbon and ‘…I tied it myself…’

 So that makes me ‘Favourite Son.’

I have to add that MGW had been in bed

for half an hour when this comment was made.

Now, for one final detail.  After nearly thirty years

I would have said MGW’s favourite colour was black.

Again I  am just hanging in and that’s all.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Details



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Travel Theme-Orange




Travel Theme.


For many years car makers in Australia have painted their cars,

white, silvers, tan as their brighter colours…

all colours of which I am not fond.

car_0429Last year General Motors Holden released an orange paint for their cars.

Of course it’s not just ‘Orange’,  it is ‘Fantale Orange’

Personally I prefer a brighter coloured car…easier to see.

car_0431Now it’s a well-known fact that red cars go 5% fast than any other colour.

These are in the red range of the colour spectrum, so does that mean they go 2.5% faster?


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Orange