Weekly Photo Challenge-Depth


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I remember February 1, 1989, quite well,

for various reasons.

First, I was dragged out of bed at 0530 by you know who,

for an early morning drive.

Second, I was grumbled at by you know who

for slowing down behind other cars.

A glance at my speed told me that were still travelling at 120 kilometres per hour…

which I quietly passed on to you know who.

Third, I tried  call from four different phones to inform my employer

that I would not be at work that day,

because of you know who.

Fourth, according to you know who

it was all MY fault…no-one else had anything to do with it!

 Fifth, I received a parking ticket for over staying my welcome,

while I was comforting you know who.

Sixth, and last reason for remembering February 1, 1989,

is that at 1848 our eldest son came into the world…

and I still don’t know if I have been forgiven by you know who. 

 cfc_1That was all twenty-six years ago.

We thought we may have been a bit out of our depth then.

Probably know that we were, now…

but have managed to provide the world with

two well-adjusted young men.