Cee’s Black and White Challenge:

Things Found in a Kitchen.



Where would we be without one of these?

chair_4407And kitchen chairs are a necessity.

Maybe better called dining room chairs…

but they are around our kitchen table 🙂

copper-kettle_0003This kettle (never been used) is over thirty years old.

I won it in a raffle and was promptly told by one of the

organisers that I  ‘…didn’t deserve to win it….’

kettle_0009And this, of course, is the kettle we ‘saved’ money on last year .

If you  are interested in last year’s story about our money

saving expedition, or have not read it, just click on this link. 

It just so happens that that post is also about kitchen appliances!


Cee’s Black & White: Things Found-in-a-Kitchen