the anniversary of the day on which a person was born,

typically treated as an occasion for celebration

and the giving of gifts


The pandemic stopped many events…


…however, family birthdays continued…


…albeit in a smaller format.

Earlier this year, we celebrated

the first birthday of our first grandchild.


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Nothing like baking…

…a birthday cake.



Nothing like sunbaking those legs

to a rich shade of brown…


…after applying liberal quantities

of sunscreen.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Something-Baked




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This week is MGW’s birthday. 

MGW received some birthday cards

from some of her students.

This was one was from

a 13 year-old, Year 8 student.

The front cover.

Please take a better look at the dog,

than I did…before moving on.



 Now focus on the pre-written inscription.

The girl’s mother was horrified at the thought

of her daughter giving this card to a teacher.

MGW and I think  it’s gorgeous.

How about you?

I hope


don’t mind me publishing their card.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday


Happy Birthday to Taji

Happy Birthday to Taji

Happy Birthday to Taji

She’s ONE today, you see!


From this little bundle in January…8 weeks old…


to this on Sunday November 20…and

countless dollars worth of damage to our garden.

Looking at either photo you couldn’t imagine it could you?

I am a day late….better late than never.

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-6


Odd Ball

Week 6


I would not have guessed for what this was to be used.

honey_4339But I guess the bees are a bit of a clue.

Nothing like a having a birthday in the house…


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-6







Travel Theme-Details




Travel Theme.


We had a birthday in our household last week.

flower_0012Quietly I suggested to the chips off the old block

that a surprise visit for tea/dinner whatever

you want to call an evening meal,

would be appropriate.

flower_0021We worked out who was going to collect the takeaway,

no expense was to be spared.

flower_0025Both boys arrived, promptly, with flowers.

Then the inevitable discussion began about who was ‘Favourite Son’.

So it went…No. 1 declared he was, because his flowers were better.

No 2 countered with ‘I got Mum’s favourite colour”

No 1, found some of the favourite colour in his bunch,

and reclaimed his perch.

Honestly!  It was like I was back in a Grade 2 class…

flower_0027After No. 1 had departed for the evening,

No. 2 pointed out that he had provided

 the favourite colour ribbon and ‘…I tied it myself…’

 So that makes me ‘Favourite Son.’

I have to add that MGW had been in bed

for half an hour when this comment was made.

Now, for one final detail.  After nearly thirty years

I would have said MGW’s favourite colour was black.

Again I  am just hanging in and that’s all.


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Daily Prompt ~ Weekend

Daily Prompt ~ Weekend



On Saturday night members of the Woolly Muses clan gathered to celebrate the twenty-first birthday of one of its sons, nephews, cousins and grandsons.


It was a momentous occasion as the Muses’ often wondered if Spike would ever reach his third birthday, let alone his twenty-first! He was not a quiet baby in the early nineties and nothing much has changed. He’s just louder says Spike’s dad, with a grin.



“He has always been different to his brother,” said Mr Muses. “We often thought he did not take much notice of the world around him. This changed at about two years old when Mrs. Muses removed about twelve soft toys from Spike’s bed and placed them on a book shelf. Within thirty minutes all the toys were back on the bed in the exact order they were before Mrs. Muses interfered. That was the day we knew our little Spike had his own personality and his own quirkiness.



Spike’s love of soft toys and all things quirky has not diminished as the years have passed. It was, therefore, a logical conclusion for one of his relatives to produce something along those lines as a birthday present.



Spike is now second-in-charge at his place of employment with a promising career in management ahead.
Happy Twenty-first birthday Spike. And may you be blessed with many more.