Travel Theme-Colourful




Travel Theme.


I turned ‘Lets go shopping this morning dear‘ into….

colourful_0610You shop and I’ll bring my camera‘.
colourful_0612Not wanting to be tapped on the shoulder

and hauled away unceremoniously,

I sought and received permission to photograph

the colourful displays in the Target Store we visited.

colourful_0605I commenced looking for colour…

colourful_0608and colour I found.
colourful_0618The ‘BAH, HUMBUG!’ season…
colourful_0587 also added its splash of colour to the displays…


in Target.

colourful_0592While I was waiting patiently,

not far from Santa’s seat

and having a chat with my friend ‘Total Stranger’,

guess who had finished shopping

and was waiting for me in the car?


Although no meeting place, or time, had been set,

I was deemed late!  Hmm????

However, I did stop long enough to snap a quick selfie as I left!

Maybe that was what delayed me!?


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Colourful






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