Travel Theme-Colourful




Travel Theme.


I turned ‘Lets go shopping this morning dear‘ into….

colourful_0610You shop and I’ll bring my camera‘.
colourful_0612Not wanting to be tapped on the shoulder

and hauled away unceremoniously,

I sought and received permission to photograph

the colourful displays in the Target Store we visited.

colourful_0605I commenced looking for colour…

colourful_0608and colour I found.
colourful_0618The ‘BAH, HUMBUG!’ season…
colourful_0587 also added its splash of colour to the displays…


in Target.

colourful_0592While I was waiting patiently,

not far from Santa’s seat

and having a chat with my friend ‘Total Stranger’,

guess who had finished shopping

and was waiting for me in the car?


Although no meeting place, or time, had been set,

I was deemed late!  Hmm????

However, I did stop long enough to snap a quick selfie as I left!

Maybe that was what delayed me!?


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Colourful






Geelong Foreshore

After using some Geelong Foreshore images in the Background Photo Challenge last week, I decided to post another offering from the same area.


Small boats, at their moorings, dot the bay with North Shore and its Shell oil refinery in the middle left distance. Close inspection of this photo will reveal the Shell chimney. An area landmark both day and night when the flame created by burning waste by-products can be seen for miles.

Cunningham Pier

Approximately ninety degrees to the east and Cunningham Pier nearly manages to hide Point Henry and the Alcoa plant on the horizon.

Geelong Foreshore 4

Visitors, tourist and locals abound along the Geelong Foreshore when the sun shines on Corio Bay. Even a cool May afternoon finds the Eastern Beach promenade home to a few souls out to stretch their legs in the fresh air.

Geelong Foreshore 5

The Geelong Waterfront Information Booth is only a short stroll up the hill followed by another ten to fifteen minute walk to the heart of Geelong’s Central Business District.

Geelong Palms 6

Back in the ‘good old days’ my wife’s grandfather was head groundsman for this whole area. His job was to ensure that the area was kept in the immaculate condition represented here. I probably benefitted from Pop’s work, years before I met his grand daughter, as our family spent some time at Eastern Beach with my relatives.

Healthy Chocolate – Castlemaine

April 4th

  ChocMill1After a late breakfast we set off with Castlemaine being our lunchtime destination.

However, about 9 kilometres  out of Hepburn, in a beautiful natural Australian bush setting, was our first stop, the Chocolate Mill.  The Chocolate Mill focuses on making natural chocolate which helps lower blood pressure and lose weight…no less!

Our Canadian born host described the chocolate making process and told us that additives added to Australian commercial chocolate is the reason why Aussie chocolate cannot be called chocolate in Europe.
After hearing all these benefits how could one not help but stock up on chocolates before moving on to our lunchtime destination. Castlemaine.  A sedate 20 kilometres away. The closer we came to Castlemaine the dryer the country-side became.  Rain is badly needed.However, in a couple of weeks (or so) the area will be a picture, rain or not. Interspersed between Australian and exotic evergreens are abundant avenues and copses of deciduous trees almost to the point of painting that part of Central Victoria in a wash of red, yellow, green and brown hues as trees denude themselves prior to the onset of the winter chill and occasional snowfall.


Among other things a visit to the Burke and Wills monument who both perished while crossing Australia, was deemed appropriate. Robert Burke was a resident of Castlemaine at the time of his ill fated north-south crossing of the land Down Under.

Read more on the Castlemaine, Burke and Wills web site.

Now back to Hepburn for the Wedding Anniversary Treat!