Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Numbers-Letters


My late contribution for this week’s

Numbers & Letters



I must be asleep mid-week


School speed zones are 40 kph and (tourist) Information is 5 km along the road….somewhere

The Information signs are often located well outside cities, however, I often find it difficult to find where the 5 km ends


When in Perth (Western Australia) Fast Eddy’s is the place to go for a relatively quick meal.  Good service and good food.  No, I am not Eddy and I don’t have shares in the place!

plaque_0337bErected by Fremantle Municipalities.  The sign says it all.

Rottnest_0340bA visit to Fremantle would not be complete without some reference to Rottnest Island, where bicycle helmets are compulsory

Solitaire_0382Finally, numbers, letters and (one) symbol all on the sign of our safari vehicle.  This sign has me puzzles me as it was Imagine Africa 4 x 4 Safari Tours which were our hosts.  Thoroughly recommended for a fun trip…..so much so we plan a return visit.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Numbers & Letters Items




Weekly Photo Challenge-Light


God said, “Let there be light”

And there was.

He created two lights.

One to govern the night the other to govern the day.


To watch over the night he created the Moon which reflected the sun’s rays to light the darkness.


To light up and warm the days he created the Sun

Sun_0773b…which would shine for eternity, during the day…


…before setting in a fiery ball, giving way to the Moon at the onset of night.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lights



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