Thursday Lingering Look at Windows-Wk-50


Decided to look at windows from the other side this week.

The following shots are from our cruise from Perth to Fremantle on

Western Australia’s Swan River.



If my memory serves me correctly, and the information provided is correct, the buildings on the waterfront in this photo all belong to the same family.  A careful look and you will see one or two houses about half way up the river bank with the same colour roof which are also part of this waterfront mansion.


Certainly an enjoyable cruise with time in Fremantle for shopping.

Well worth the day out if ever in Perth.


Thursday Lingering Look at Windows Week 50




Which Way Challenge-Week-16


 Back in Fremantle, Western Australia, again this week, with a triple treat of Which Ways.


Can you pick them?

Fremantle_0271Should have it by now!

Fremantle_0318This should give it away.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-Week-16