A-Z Challenge-X-X-X

My contribution to this week’s X challenge.


This was the beginning of our attempt to grow an Australian Grass Tree in our front yard…a fairly expensive plant.  We thought that planting it above ground level would assist it to survive in our corner of the world.  Alas!  It was not to be.  After a promising first summer with increased foliage, it began to suffer and we could not revive it.  After struggling on for about two years in total much to our disappointment it finally succumbed.  We are out of the ideal growing area although there are some growing wild in our area.  I think we may have over watered it as when it was finally removed the ‘hole’ in which it was planted was still quite wet.


Due  to its ability to withstand a bush fire and the resulting black trunk it was commonly known as a Black Boy Tree.

It is now known as a Grass Tree

and its botanical name is


which is the only way I could manage a post this week.

Google Xanthorrhoea for further information, or

click the link for

Wikipedia’s Xanthorrhoea 





by frizztext