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A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Wind


My contribution for Word of the Week


Challenge this week.


I have posted some of these earlier this year, but they do fit this challenge.

Trees_1873aIt was one of the strongest winds I have seen…

Trees_1874b…and the relatively young trees around us…


…were no match at all.

Trees_1876dThe branches flashed…

Trees_1877e…back and…



Trees_1877e…as the winds strength ebbed and flowed.

Wind_1308I would like to have seen this scene on that day.

Wind_1312When it opened in April, 2013, this was the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere (just checked with Google to make sure 🙂 ).

One hundred and four turbines at what was our ‘back door’.  It can be seen from miles away and there has been a lot of angst relating to the low-pitched noise which apparently emanates from these turbines.





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