Floral Friday-1312


Floral Friday challenge.


Earlier in the week I posted a shot of where our Grass Tree was planted.

DSC_0336Much has changed since that photo was taken.  This is how it looked today.


The first time that both the Agapanthus and it’s companion plant (paler green foliage, name eludes me) have flowered together.


Near the top left hand corner of this shot, through the flax,

is the grass trees replacement.

An Agave…more about this next week.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday


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Which Way Challenge-Week-15


 On this occasion we knew which way we were going…

Monkeys_0475..when suddenly our path was being intercepted…

Monkeys_0476 …by a whole family…

Monkeys_0477…out for an evening stroll.


Little did they care, that our eyes were fastly fixed..

Monkeys_0479…on the track they slowly crossed.Monkeys_0479Patiently we wait…

Monkeys_0480…and waited…


…and just when we thought it was safe, along came the kids…

Monkeys_0482…scampering this way…and that.


So we waited some more.

Monkeys_0484At last!  Kids all gone…

Monkeys_0485…we can move on.

Monkeys_0486Then out pops grandpa…


Monkeys_0488…bringing up the rear.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-Week-15


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