Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Numbers-Letters


My late contribution for this week’s

Numbers & Letters



I must be asleep mid-week


School speed zones are 40 kph and (tourist) Information is 5 km along the road….somewhere

The Information signs are often located well outside cities, however, I often find it difficult to find where the 5 km ends


When in Perth (Western Australia) Fast Eddy’s is the place to go for a relatively quick meal.  Good service and good food.  No, I am not Eddy and I don’t have shares in the place!

plaque_0337bErected by Fremantle Municipalities.  The sign says it all.

Rottnest_0340bA visit to Fremantle would not be complete without some reference to Rottnest Island, where bicycle helmets are compulsory

Solitaire_0382Finally, numbers, letters and (one) symbol all on the sign of our safari vehicle.  This sign has me puzzles me as it was Imagine Africa 4 x 4 Safari Tours which were our hosts.  Thoroughly recommended for a fun trip…..so much so we plan a return visit.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Numbers & Letters Items




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