Weekly Photo Challenge-Curve



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Didn’t realise there were so many curves in our  life.

This bowl’s top is formed using four curves.


The steps into the Geelong Botanical Gardens

are curved to cater for visitors entering

from all directions.


The curve in the top of this railway bridge is

fascinating…and…I was sure there was a

deviant trying to hide on the left side of the photo

as I took the photo from several hundred yards away.


I have taken the train from Warrnambool to Melbourne

many, many times but never realised how many curves

there were/are in the tracks around the

Warrnambool Railway Station.


  A town art project created of curves and swirls.


Yesterday, Friday, I paused to take this shot hoping to

capture the rain on the hills in the background.

The trees were to  add some foreground interest.

This morning I noticed curves and more curves

in these eucalyptus trees.

So they did add interest!




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Events


My contribution for this week’s




Beginning with a traditional wedding….


followed by a beach wedding.


 Golden Wedding anniversaries are a milestone in married life.

 For my ‘in-laws’ we created a book of photos depicting

events in their married life. events_0354

We began with their wedding photos, some baby photos,

engagement and weddings and finally grandchildren.


The arrival of the first Great Grand child into the family

over a quarter of a century ago was a memorable event

for all grandparents and parents.

events_0049 Being country kids it did not take them long to get

behind the wheel of our farm ute of the day.