Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-22


Odd Ball

Week 20, 2016


Yesterday, around lunch time…

a pair of Eastern Rosellas decided to drop in

for a snack in our back yard.

 Unfortunately only one of them wanted its photo taken.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-22






Travel Theme-Neutral




Travel Theme.


Even as a younger dog Maggie…
Maggie_0343only ever got into top gear on rare occasions.


Usually her gear stick is in…

 firmly in neutral.


And now that she is much older AND has

a protegé she feels it is her duty

to pass on her skills.


On a more serious note…the colours in this image

are neutral enough to place on many walls.

At least I think so.

However, as previously stated there is

a degree of colour vision loss in my eyes. 😀


Where’s My Backpack: Neutral




Weekly Photo Challenge-Spare



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



The first thing that came to mind was…Spare-tyres_0848

the spare tyre which many develop with the onset of age.

Others…just battle with it all their lives.


Then I searched for spares and found a

folder named accordingly and

this image of a family car after a

Grand Final victory

at the end of the

Australian Rules Football  season, 2007.



Finally, yesterday, Friday, I spent some time at

Geelong’s foreshore playing around with my camera again.

These two are just part of a larger flock of seagulls

which were having a disagreement within range of my camera.

On the whole this series of shots is reasonably respectable

and will be kept in mind for future challenges.

The shot has been darkened slightly in Picasa.






Black and White Challenge:

Open Topic.


A few more selections….


from my surfing shots…


at Torquay.


A recent shot of Cunningham Pier.

A colour version of this is now

one of my page header images.


The last of the autumn leaves

taken Friday morning.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Open-Topic






Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Architecture


My contribution for this week’s




While perhaps not exactly architecture…


I do like this photo of the Melbourne skyline,

taken from Williamstown, an eastern suburb.

Royal-Arcade_0047Royal Arcade…exterior

Royal-Arcade_0055and I am reasonably sure this is

the Royal Arcade interior.

Reasonably because I cannot see Gog and Magog,

time keepers of the Arcade at the far end.


 On the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets…

Melbourne-PO_1898stands the Elizabeth Street Post Office building.


 It has been years/decades since

I darkened its doors

and there appears to have been

some alterations inside,

so I am not sure if it still is a Post Office.


federation-square_0181The home of Australian Art.


We either love or hate the architectural design of

Melbourne’s Federation Square

and its surrounding buildings.

I think it is a bit different, in a good way,

to the concrete monoliths in most of the city.


Black and White Tuesday16-2405


Black and White Tuesday

 May 24, 2016


Some shots from Torquay Beach, yesterday.Torquay1_0107

Smaller waves still present the same problems

regarding staying vertical, it appears.


Facial features have been blurred because

I do not know the subjects.

Torquay3_0109However, some street photographers I know, say

subjects in a public place are fair game.


Any thoughts appreciated. 🙂



Hope you enjoyed.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-21


Odd Ball

Week 21, 2016


This morning was much like

any other Sunday morning.


By morning coffee time…


Candi and Sox had, as usual,

decided it was nap time.


Then Taji decided to join them…


but where was she going to fit,

because Sox wasn’t going to move.

Candi_Taji_0157Candi became a little upturned,

but Taji managed to find a spot.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-21