One Word Photo Challenge: Cat



January 2015.

Sox looks healthier than he does now.

Soxie_0271Puss in boots.  

Sox after a blood test in December 2013.

His usual ‘…not a happy chappy…’ personality

was on show this day.


One Word Photo Challenge: Cat


Wordless Wednesday16_2906

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Not great photos….
blue-gums_0496but we have had a plantation of trees harvested during

the summer and already they are regrowing.

In a few months these trees are to be poisoned

and replanted with new stock.

There are four clumps of unharvested trees in mid horizon.

 These are trees which were planted on

aboriginal heritage listed sites.

Apparently machinery was not allowed to

on this ground to harvest these trees.

This paddock was under water the first winter we owned it.

For nearly twenty years I drove/herded sheep

along this fence line and on into the wool shed paddock

and sheep yards at various times of the year.

Those were the days!!


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (

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