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I hope everyone likes African animals as much as I do.

Cheetah_0029aThis cheetah threaded her way between

me and the elbow in the picture…

cheetah_0140then flopped down like a tabby cat and

waited for us to pat her.

From memory we had to pat

her ear, head area…and yes I

came out of that with both hands in tact.


 We thought this a marvelous sighting.

A lioness and her cubs about 20 – 30 metres away.


But I think I can safely say that we all

held our collective breaths when the

cubs decided to come and watch the tourists.

These two were only about 15 feet from

our vehicle…and mum remained watching

from her spot on the hill glad to have some

relief from them for a short time.



Another of our remember for ever close encounter.

We were told to stand with our hands on

Thembo’s legs so he would know we were there.

 However, encouraged by older family members two

teenagers decided to use him as a modelling backdrop.

Strangers messing around with a 6 ton elephant which

had killed three hippos in a mad rage after his mother

was killed.

For the record all photos taken using

Nikon D90 and 70-300mm Nikkor zoom lens.



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