Travel Theme-Exits




Travel Theme.


This week’s theme had me thinking until…..

I thought of how most of us will exit this world.


A few weeks ago we thought Maggie was getting ready to make her exit.

 The thought of digging a grave for her was not what I wanted to do at the

time as I had many other things on my mind including a hospital visit to

have a lymph gland removed and tested.


So with the help of a passing contractor we agreed to have

this metre by half metre deep hole added to our back yard.

I think our wires were crossed somewhere as

the steel gate is 90 centimetres/36 inches high and

the wooden fame is at least 1.8m/6 feet long.

We even talked of veterinary intervention

to put her out of her misery.

The next day the sun shone….and so did Maggie. 😀


A few days further and her coat arrived.

We nearly used the exit that day as she did not want a bar of it.

 The following weekend MGW, following the makers instructions,

took the coat off to give Maggie breathing space, or whatever.

When it came time to put in on that afternoon

Maggie nearly jumped into it.

And who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

We have been here nearly 11 years and only on Friday

did Maggie acknowledge that the weather (cold and wet)

came from the west and it could be warm and sheltered

on the eastern side of our abode.

Wonders will never cease.

And on this frosty Sunday morning Maggie is still enjoys a bone.

For the record…

as far back as I can remember working dogs and faithful pets

have always found a resting place close to home.  

Ginger’s is under the posts and concrete block in  

the top left hand corner of the grave photos.



Where’s My Backpack: Exits




Just had to submit Melbourne’s most well-known clocks

for my first submission…



Meeting ‘…under the Flinders Street Clocks...’

was a common meeting spot years ago.

Not sure now though.  Mobile phones make it much

easier to connect with someone in the city.

A couple of decades ago “they” were going to, or did,

change the analogue clock faces to digital.

Public outcry either stopped the change or had it reversed.


Checked Wikipedia to see if I was correct…not far away.

Wikipedia extract:

The original indicator clocks were removed from service in 1983 as part of a redevelopment of the station, with their replacement by digital displays planned.

An outpouring of public outrage and sentimentality saw the decision reversed within one day.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Clocks