Travel Theme-Pastel




Travel Theme.



African Lilac Breasted Roller

is my pastel subject this week.


When I first sighted the Roller it was just another bird

 against a hot sunny South African sky.

High up in a tree my red and green colour vision loss

did not allow my eyes to see the colours.


It was not until I arrived home and saw the photos

on my computer that I appreciated its colours.

Although at nearly ground level and only 30-40 metres away,

the colours of this Roller were much easier to see

when sighted in Botswana’s Okavango Delta region

the following year.


Where’s My Backpack: Pastel



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-30_2907


Odd Ball

Week 30, 2016


Even with shaking hands, a missing tab or two to hold

everything in place, I thought I had probably done

a fair job of framing a photo.



I turned it over and…


had a really good look…and found the missing tab. 😦

Professionals charge $AUD85/$USD65

to frame this (an A3 size photo)

I suppose I can break one, but only one.



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-30








Weekly Photo Challenge-Narrow



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Commencing in South Africa’s

Blyde River Canyon.


A narrow foot bridge spans…


a narrow gorge through which

the Blyde River passes.


Water cascades through a narrow opening in

one of the potholes at Bourke’s Luck Potholes


Meanwhile back in the old home state,

water was tumbling over Hopkins Falls last Wednesday.

In photography this shot would/could be

described as a narrow field of vision.



compared to the wider shot.

Although this shoot has been cropped to give

a narrow vertical field of vision.






Black and White Challenge:

Large Items.


Size is all a matter of perspective,  I think.


 This bloke may not be the biggest, however,

when he shakes is head at you,

the message is quite clear.

Clear off!

I’m not going to take him  on…are you?


This is Hopkins Falls, near Warrnambool

in Victoria’s South West.

It looked rather dramatic on Wednesday morning.

My other two visits have been during summer months

and nowhere near the flow there is at present.


This fisherman look rather large until…


I widen the angle a bit.

There’s a bit of danger nearby.


Pull back a bit further and our fisherman is dwarfed by

Victoria Falls.

victoria-falls_0201Mostly we look at the spot where the water is flowing

when we visit a waterfall.

These holes in the landscape are not caused by mining,

rather they are previous sites of Victoria Falls.


The very bottom of this shot shows a small,

from the air, river of water which has

eroded away some of the softer stone…

the beginnings of a new Victoria Falls.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Large Items




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Stairs-Steps-Ladders


My contribution for this week’s

Stairs, Steps, Ladders


 Most Stairs or Steps this week.steps_0019Step down to a water taxi on Sydney Harbour.


Getting into a water taxi would be much easier

than this flight of steps leading up to

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

And just to be clear, these steps only took us to road level.

steps_0177Of course there was a similar set on the other side.

Note the smooth section in the centre.

A Sydneysider would be able to tell me

if it was included specifically to make it easier

to push one’s bicycle up.

Wonder does anyone ride down the stairs?


Tis part of Old Sydney almost looks like

it could be an Occupational Health and Safety issue.


The exit from Southern Cross Railway Station

shopping centre.


And the reverse view.

There is an escalator to the right, just out of shot

for those with dicky knees…like me.


Still in Southern Cross Station…

my heart breaks if my train pulls up near these stairs,

or if the escalator is not working.




A Foreigner….in our house?


Two or three weeks back Number 1 Son asked us out for breakfast.  Or brunch at 10.30 AM.  We both would have died of starvation if we had waited that long…yet he thinks its normal!  He wanted a ride to the airport…!!!

We had hardly sat down and he said to… Continue Reading……….


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Black and White Tuesday16-2607


Black and White Tuesday

 July 12, 2016


Some Black and White sunrise shots.


North Shore of Corio Bay with the You Yangs

in the background


An easterly view of Corio Bay…


where the sun wakes up.



Hope you enjoyed.