Weekly Photo Challenge-Rule-of-Thirds


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Rule of Thirds


Sharks Teeth…at least that’s what I call them.
sharks-teeth_0019The rule of thirds may be a bit off…geelong_0026

but at lest the subject is not centred.

For your information, this shot is the

main street of Geelong…Moorabool Street.

About five minutes walk from the beach, at the top of the hill,

is the Central Business District.

I wonder how many workers have quick dip in the Bay.



30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Rule-of-Thirds

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  4. Hi woolly – I wanted to come back and share a link and some more info about the rule of thirds because someone left a comment on my blog that led to much follow up on the topic – and just thought you may want to peek at this cool article by J. B.

    the bottom line is that the role of thirds is not the same as the Fibonacci ratio or the Phi grid….

    “When applied to photography, this (Fibonacci )ratio can produce aesthetically pleasing compositions that can be magnets for the human sub-conscious. When you take the sweet spot of the Fibonnaci Ratio and recreate it four times into a grid, you get what looks to be a rule of thirds grid. However, upon closer inspection you will see that this grid is not an exact splitting of the frame into three pieces. Instead of a 3 piece grid that goes 1+1+1=frame, you get a grid that goes 1+.618+1=frame.
    (more here: http://digital-photography-school.com/divine-composition-with-fibonaccis-ratio-the-rule-of-thirds-on-steroids/)


      • I also like how you call them shark’s teeth – and I think it is a great take on the rule of thirds – because in both shots you have them meet at the intersecting lines and as you not – not dead center for a bull’s eye – and I also really love the lines (steps) in the second photo – very interesting


      • Thank you for your kind comments Yvette. To be brutally honest, I seldom think of ‘thirds’ when taking photos. These two are uncropped photos. I have been wanting to take some shots around the ‘teeth’ for ages and, well…they are just a couple of compositions I liked. I will need to read a bit more on thirds I think 🙂

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      • Hi woolly – well I actually know about the thirds from teaching art for many years – and we used a tic tac toe grid to help students think with the sections…


      • Thanks for your link Yvette. I think you may have mentioned that you taught art and I listen to your advice/comments. However, I was limited to stick figures when it came to art (at school) and do not consider myself to be very creative. Although I must confess to having a passion for cropping a new image out of a larger one, to create greater impact. Does that make sense…I think so? In fact I don’t ever remember hearing about the rule of thirds while at school…but art was not my favourite subject. Thanks for you comments.


      • well thanks woolly – and I only chowed the cropping as an example – but I think that is only one way to do this – and not the best way – like it is better to stand back and take the shot and intentionally just having the subject at one of the 4 intersecting points – rather than where the x or bull’s eye is (ya know)

        and then the wpc challenge this week noted the the bokeh effect – but I have never really heard of this with the rule of thirds until I read that post – and I did look it up for photography a few years ago. so the blank space and bokeh effect noted there are just one more option – and isn;t it fun to keep learning!#!


      • But you’re an art teacher…it’s something akin to having teeth pulled without anesetic to yours truly…😀. No I agree. I saw am 80 year old German migrant tucked in behind a computer. Back in the nineties. With a heavy accent, he told me ‘…you are never too old to learn…’. Something I have always remembered. My goal this year is to have a free of knowledge of photoshop by years end…or earlier. As well as mastering my new nikon flash gun.


      • oh you are so funny woolly – and man – photoshop is gray hair stuff for me still – so good luck with that – ha!
        but I like how you remind us that we are never too old to learn – cos that is what keeps life rich and engaging…
        and I also like how you noted the accent and all that – I could feel this man saying it.
        “nie zu alt”


      • well I did take German in 8th grade – but can’t recall much – ha!
        and so I had to look it up rot share – ha! and it is “never too old”



      • well I hope you have a nice rest of the month dear Woolly – I am getting ready to pause from blogging until mid march – going to see some family and am trying to be unplugged while there. enjoyed our blog chatting 🙂

        have a good day 🙂
        Einen schönen Tag noch


      • You have a good break also. I have thought of taking a break also, but have little else to occupy my time these days. Thought I was to commence work around Jan, 20 and was told to look after myself and take another job if I found one on Jan 30. At the moment I am focusing on some photography work.

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      • well I took a way too long break over the summer – and will never take off that long again – but I do think breaks are nice when needed.
        but I also think that pouring into a blog can be a gift with many rich outcomes and huge byproducts – form interacting with bloggers – to skill development – to tapping into creative sides and just shaping the mind – because each challenge or meme can have a rippling effect – and well…. all the more if you have the time in between jobs and whatnot. and to work on your photography skills – well blogging is a superb way to do that too – and I guess I share all that because before I started blogging last year (well really in 20130 – but did not really get into until last year) well the sound of it seemed a bit more shallow. and while I know it is not the same for everyone – it can have so many powerful outcomes and it is a truly amazing outlet for people – whew.

        anyhow, hope the job situation falls into line…


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