Weekly Photo Challenge-Split-Second-Story


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My split second story is the result of some Paint Shop Pro work and cost us a Sunday lunch as Number 2 son is the whiz with this program.  I would like to learn.   I did post both photos around the end of April after the ANZAC Day game of football between Collingwood and Essendon and have included them again at the bottom of this post.


 I had heard of the sombre nature of the minute’s silence before the game and was proud to be part of it this year.  What I was not expecting was to see three young lads with arms draped around each other during that minute of silence.  They are obviously not old enough to remember the Vietnam War let alone the Great Wars (plural intended).  However, they are respecting those who have fallen to give them the freedoms they are now enjoying.


The original photos





All photos taken with my HTC Smart Phone



Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story



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