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Travel Theme

for this week.


Femantle and Perth are my featured cities for this week’s challenge.
fremantle_0280The Bakehouse in the main Street of Fremantle…
fremantle_0278was doing a thriving trade the day we visited.


Like many coastal cities Fremantle is a combination of the original and modern building.


fremantle_0290Not as old as buildings in other countries I have visited…


however, considering Fremantle was settled around 1829 it is one of our older buildings.


 Back in Perth…


the new surrounds the old.
perth_0236Inside this thoroughly modern exterior is a relatively old Bell Tower which has now become a must see when in Perth.
perth_0240Perth skyline
perth_0251and again.
perth_0353With capacity of just under 15,000, the Perth Arena is home to the Perth Wildcats, basketball team, and home for many other cultural events in Perth.


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15 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Cities

    • Do you know Kings College in Perth? MGW’s grandfather purchased the 110 acres of land and established the school. I would like to spend more time there as there is quite a portion of the family tree in Perth. Never met them. Would be nice to say hello. And Freo….what a great place to work.


      • It was a very different place back then, Woolly – to my mind, nicer. But there you go. 🙂
        And no, I know nothing of that college: not only is it down near Kwinana, but it wasn’t set up till the mid ’80s – well after I’d left Perth.


      • Not sure of anything M.R., my understanding was that s school was established long, long before MGW and I met MGW. In fact the family moved to Geelong before in pre fifties. Must check!


    • Boston is a place I would like to visit. Not sure if that will ever happen though. It is portrayed as a nice city, a combination of old and new, in movies, boooks and television shows.


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  2. I love the photo of the old church sandwiched between the moder skyscrapers! Thank you so much for including my take on cities in Athens. Much appreciated!


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