Floral Friday-14-3005-Fremantle


Floral Friday Challenge.


Fremantle market flowers.


I have been trying to find somewhere to use these photos for a while.



I have never seen flowers hung in such a manner…


that is based on the assumption that these were real flowers and not a very good imitation.


Real or not  it was/is a novel way to decorate the market ceiling.

It may also be common in other cities or markets, however, it was the first time I had ever seen this type of arrangement.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday



My Black & White Friday


This week’s

Black and White



A few more Black and White offerings again today.

clouds_0031A Black and White re-post of yesterday’s Look Up Look Down post.

I think the cloud formation looks as good, or better, in Black and White.

fog_0019A mid-morning trip into Geelong through this mornings fog…


gave me reason to pause and admire the view.


With heavy fog there is not much difference between Black and White and the Colour original.





Look Up, Look Down-Wk-41



Look Up, Look Down

for Week 41



clouds_0030I was hoping for some rain from these clouds…no such luck.  However, the formation was worth the photo.



Look Up, Look Down, challenge




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Water


My contribution for this week’s

Water: Rivers, Waterholes



The photos for this week are again all from South Africa.crocodile_0101

 Our last day included a cruise on Olifants River, but no-one chose to have a swim


In the distance we thought we saw logs floating in the river.

As we drew closer we changed our minds…again no swimming


Previously we had stopped on an evening game drive at this waterhole.  our guide did tell us there was a crocodile in the water and proceeded to set up for sundowners only about twenty feet from the water.  Seeing he claimed Irish heritage, he may have been pulling our collective legs…but I was not going to call his bluff. 🙂


The fish and birds seemed to survive.

Well…the fish didn’t quite survive for much longer.


This waterhole is barely one hundred metres from Sausage tree Safari Camp’s breakfast / dining area.

waterhole_0196At night spotlights assisted the animals to find the water ;-).

Many animals came to pose for us here.


We spotted this waterhole while on a game drive.  Once again our guide told us that it was rare to actually see a giraffe drinking as they are most vulnerable when their head is down.  I think this one may have been short-sighted or deaf as it continued its downward movement and took a long drink before whipping its head up in surprise…at noticing us or hearing a noise which we didn’t.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Water: Rivers, Waterholes





Travel Theme-Metal




Travel Theme

for this week.


I was scratching my head thinking about this challenge.

curves2_1801Then the curved metal supports on this old building came to mind.

woolshedcc_1921Then, my old woolshed, along with most woolshed is clad entirely in metal corrugated iron…

shed_1858ajust like this abandoned machinery shed.  I was on a roll!

ship_0098However, we all know that metal is heavier than water, right?  Yet, here is hundreds of tons of metal, carrying hundreds of tons of cargo.  Sailing merrily away from Geelong’s port heading for Bass Strait, via port Phillip Heads.  Ah!  The life of a sailor on the open seas.



Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Metal




Weekly Photo Challenge-Twist


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Last Friday I ventured down to Port Arlington…


and spotted this group of swans just off shore.


Their long gracefully bent necks can easily twist into all manner of poses to assist with daily ablutions.


Crows, while very intelligent, are a sheep farmers worst enemy during winter lambing, in particular. With ready food being scarce a new-born lamb makes an ideal target.  And crow’s target is the lamb’s eye.  With a distinctly twisted sense of right, it is no wonder these birds are not loved by the farming community.


The gnarled and twisted branches of this specimen have seen better days and will make good fire wood in the near future.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist