A Word a Week Photography Challenge–Delicate


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…



This week I am featuring some delicate sights from South Africa.


The tiny Crested Barbet.

weaver_nest_0443AThe delicately prepared Weaver’s nest.

weaver_nest_0443Weaver’s nests are made by the male weaver and pulled apart by the females if the standard is not high enough.

weaver_0053Then poor old Mr. Weaver needs to commence nest-building again.


bird_0312Magpie Shrike.


bird_0158We sighted many Lilac Breasted Rollers, however, I did not truly appreciate them until after our trip.  On a larger computer screen their delicate features were more prominent.  This applied to many of the birds I photographed.  Viewing the birds at a distance through a zoom distance did not do them justice.  It was only after photographing them that their delicate claws and colouring were much easier to view on a computer monitor.







Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge-Wk-43


Maggie vs Magpies



On Saturday we decided to try to feed some magpies which had been loitering around our backyard.

They did not take much encouraging to venture out of the trees and take some bread.

magpie_0031This morning Maggie realised that there was…
magpie_0033food on the trampoline.  While she sniffed around for a mere crumb…
magpie_0035she was being closely watched by magpie.

magpie_0054Her every move was scutinised until…
magpie_0056magpie decided, enough was enough, and…
magpie_0057put on a show which had our brave and fearless Maggie…

back pedalling just a little.

magpie_0059Although startled…
magpie_0060Maggie forced her starving body to keep sniffing for food…
magpie_0078until she realised she was outnumbered.

Two against one was not fair and she left the birds to their food.


magpie_0086And the magpies laughed and laughed as Maggie slowly walked away and left them to their breakfast.



Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge