Weekly Photo Challenge-Extra-Extra


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Extra, Extra.


This morning as I prepared breakfast, I noticed we had some extras in the backyard.
magpie_0001A bit too far away to see what they were actually looking at…
magpie_0002but close enough to get a chuckle out of their antics.
magpie_0027Heads would bend, eat and watch with serious expressions, only to be followed by…
magpie_0029a chorus to rival The Three Tenors.

This ritual continued every thirty seconds or so for four or five minutes.

magpie_0050A rebel then came over nearer the house, where we could see an old bone which Maggie had gnawed.

magpie_0051A quick bite of what could only be marrow, attracted…

magpie_0061an extra pair of eyes.

magpie_0062This time there was to be no sharing.

magpie_0063The extra magpie approached and…
magpie_0072soon had its mate on the run.

magpie_0079However, by this stage it was close enough to see me snapping away through the window…

magpie_079and it gave me an extra hard stare until Ginger galloped around the corner ending the morning’s entertainment.