Small, Smaller, Smallest fauna

from Africa.

The Masked Weaver, 11–14.5 cm (4.3–5.7 in) long,

which makes it nearly the same length

as the Scrub Robin.

However, at 35 grams, the Weaver weighs

nearly twice as much.

The Scrub Robin is roughly the same length

as the Weaver, however, at just 17–23 grams

it is the Roboin is the smaller of the two.

The of my images today is the Dung Beetle,

which varies in size from 5mm to 30mm,

or about 0.2 to 1.2 inches.

  Some dung beetles can bury dung 250 times

their own mass in one night.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Small, Smaller Smallest






Eagle eyed readers will pick where

I have merge two photos


Storm in Geelong no rain where this was taken

Again caught without a wide enough lens.

But lucky to get any shots of this rainbow.

Appeared in a hurry.

Departed at similar speed.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Rainbow







Size is relative…is it not?

Mother and her offspring. 

Still, the baby elephant may weigh

several hundred kilograms.

A tiny dung beetle with

a relatively large ball of dung.


Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk218 – Tiny



As always size is relative.

Mother and big baby, with a real baby

added courtesy of Photoshop.

Baby, baby elephant would still weigh

between 100-200 kg (220-440 lbs). 

At birth they weigh around 90 kg/200 pounds


An African Dung Beetle.

Agapanthus flowers consist of many smaller flowers.

Bees can still fit inside these smaller flowers,

brushing tiny stamen to ensure pollen

is carried to and received from,

other plants.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Small-Subjects



One Word Photo Challenge-Ladybug






No ladybugs this week I’m afraid.
The best I could do was this bee in our garden, and…


this Dung Beetle sighted in South Africa.

The first and only one I have seen.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Ladybug