An early morning shadow from the

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and

Lekhubu Island’s…

flighty Kalahari Scrub Robin

At the other end of the day we begin our flight over

the Okavango Delta

at the Maun Airport.

In late afternoon both elephants and trees

cast long shadows.



Finally, a home grown shadow.

Possibly the first time I photographed a shadow. 

Sadly the tree is no longer. 

I thought the church had disappeared also.

However, Google of February 2018 says differently. 

Twelve months is a long time though.


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I distinctly remember saying that I

had a shot of where it was..

after taking this photo.

What’s not there is…

this Kalahari Scrub Robin

at Lekhubu Island in Botswana.

Note the dirt/sand kicked up as it accelerates away.



November18 WitsEnd-Inspirations: Whats-Not-There



Just Missed


In 2014 we spent a night at Lekhubu Island,

which is located in Botswana’s

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.


The morning of our departure this Kalahari Scrub Robin

was moving rapidly around the camp in search of sustenance.

Note the dirt flying up as he scampers away in this shot.


This was to be my million dollar shot.

The Robin had other ideas and all I have in focus

is where the Robin was.

I only found that I did actually capture

the little twerp…..this morning.

But our guide had a chuckle when I mumbled

that ‘I had a picture of where it was‘.

Now I am confused.

Is my near miss the fact that I missed

getting it in focus…or….that

I didn’t quite miss capturing it at all??


A Photo a Week Challenge: Just Missed


Weekly Photo Challenge-Shadowed


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some shadows from recent travels.

shadow_0411As we lifted off for our flight over the Okavango Delta,

our plane cast a shadow on the tarmac.

okavango-delta_0453The trees and animals cast long shadows in the late afternoon sun.

kalahari-scrub-robin_0001In the early morning sun this tiny Kalahari Scrub Robin

cast a shadow many times larger than its body.




Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-36


Odd Ball

Week 36


While at Lekhubu Island, in Botswana, I found this robin.

The Kalahari Scrub Robin, to be precise.

Nothing odd about that…except…

Kalahari Scrub Robin_0051that it moved with such speed across the ground…
Kalahari Scrub Robin_0052that I did not think it was in this photo.

I thought this photo…

leaves_0053was the same as this one, and…

leaves_0055this one…

a shot, of where the robin was! Past tense.

Two shots of where something was…that’s odd.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-36