Hard to imagine…

that these cubs, and...

dear departed Soxie were all members of the cat family.

One photo is playful while, by  comparison,

the other is ready to rip your eyes out.

And the younger he was the worse he was.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Comparison

Wordless Wednesday18_1127-Cats

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Earlier this week one of MGW’s students

presented her with…


Another one of the ladies in MGW’s workplace…

was gifted a drawing of Roli…who isn’t as grumpy

as his brother Humphrey according to the artist.

JUst wish I had the talent (and patience) of this young lady.


Hope you enjoyed.




I know I posted one of these photos very recently.

However, they do epitomise which of our pets…

ruled the roost in those days.

Eyes are open and we plan on introducing

a new cat around Christmas.

Will be interesting.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Ruling-the-Roost




Dear old Maggie and old Sox.

Note the omission of Dear when describing Sox!

Not much life in either of them at that stage of their lives.

For the record Maggie is not being loving

letting Sox in close the her kennel.

Sox would happily rip an eye out

then simply wash the claw that drew blood.

Yes!  I am a dog person.


Word of the Day Challenge: Listlesss

Weekly Photo Challenge-Optimistic



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I think this is the definition of optimism…

an old cat sneaking in for

share and old lab’s…


 treat…and expecting to live!


Neither of them know the meaning

of the word share when food is involved.


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Escape

While pondering this week’s photo challenge, I took a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief when I noticed stamen escaping from a bud on the bunch of flowers Number Two son presented his Mother for Mother’s Day last week. At least I had one photo. 1_1482Flwr


Then more inspiration. We have had an extended summer of around five months of literally no rain. Inch wide cracks appeared in the ground. During the past two weeks, however, 90 points of rain have fallen. Almost a flood!  Well, perhaps not quite a flood.

15_esc-1497_grasss But enough to make our backyard take on a tinge of green as seeds sprout and escape from the parched earth which has enveloped them for the past five, hot, dry months.


When the month of May arrives any self-respecting deciduous leaf should no longer be suspended above terra firma by an otherwise bare branch. The above leaves are slowly turning colour and will soon escape the branch’s clutches and join their mates on the covering the ground below.

Autumn Leaves

While the botanical world struggles with its seasonal battles, our feline-canine battles know no seasonal boundaries and continue daily. However, today’s cooler weather exacerbates these problems.

We have a regular battle in our backyard. Cat versus Dog. Dog versus Dog.

A few years ago were given a dog’s bed. That’s the piping construction on which Soxie, our ageing cat, has made home for today. He tends to wander, not come home at night, but when he is home we know that it is cold and wet or a cool change is not far away. This bed was meant to be Maggie’s (our Labrador). However, the bed soon proved to be no match for Maggie’s weight. Soxie thinks this is wonderful as he can snuggle down and escape from the cool wind and rain. And woe-betide the dog which tries to muscle in and suggest that this is a dogs bed! Both our canines know that it is better to escape the range of the feline claw than to try to claim the bed!Sox35

Soxie has again commandeered Maggie’s bed to escape from the cool breeze blowing across our backyard and Maggie again suffers the indignity of not being allowed into her bed. No points for guessing who is boss of this backyard. Maggie shows her displeasure in her usual manner by turning her back/rear end to Soxie.


We should know this behaviour as she has done it often enough to us when she has not had her own way.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape