Hard to imagine…

that these cubs, and...

dear departed Soxie were all members of the cat family.

One photo is playful while, by  comparison,

the other is ready to rip your eyes out.

And the younger he was the worse he was.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Comparison



I know I posted one of these photos very recently.

However, they do epitomise which of our pets…

ruled the roost in those days.

Eyes are open and we plan on introducing

a new cat around Christmas.

Will be interesting.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Ruling-the-Roost

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-41



Odd Ball

Week 41, 2016


I have cheated a bit today and used MGW’s Facebook post

of yesterday, Sunday, for my Odd Ball post

This morning dear, old Sox passed away.


He was the last of our farm animals

and was a loving and affectionate cat.


I will miss my morning chin rubs and his chirpy

little conversations.

RIP old boy.


This was one of his last photos and he looks

better here than he did over the past eight weeks.

 He used to tear my hands to pieces when he was younger.

 It was only in his later years that he mellowed…with me.

RIP Sox.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-41