I know I posted one of these photos very recently.

However, they do epitomise which of our pets…

ruled the roost in those days.

Eyes are open and we plan on introducing

a new cat around Christmas.

Will be interesting.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Ruling-the-Roost



I had often heard of hip dysplasia in dogs, 

however, I had never seen anything like it in all

the dogs I have been associated with until dear old Maggie

succumbed to this debilitating condition/disease in 2016.

She showed signs of deterioration during the summer. 

We lived in hope that it was a passing problem. 

However, as winter approached it became evident

that there could only be  one outcome.

Six weeks after having the vet do the merciful thing

we were in Europe and the Tour Director decided

to show Marley and Me on the coach’s audio-visual system. 

Too much, too soon.


Word of the Day Challenge: Debilitate

Daily Prompt-Astonish


I’m not sure who was most astonished

after this sequence of event…

the chasee, the chaser

or the photographer.

Even though it was only a couple of years

before she passed away, Maggie still had

enough life in her to despatch strangers

from our back yard.

Fortunately the fence (post top RH corner)

saved her from the embarrassment of not

being able to catch this one.





This is MGWs Facebook post.

I could not say it any better. 


After 13 years of faithful friendship,

loyal companionship and unwavering love,

our beautiful labrador, Maggie,

went to sleep for the final time

early this afternoon with the gentle,

winter sun on her back. imageShe has been an integral part of our family since the day

Don brought her home as an 8 week old puppy;

devoted to each one of us,

and she will be sorely missed.image Rest in peace, my gorgeous girl.

You will never be forgotten,

and your passing has left

an enormous hole in my heart.


Not the Saturday we expected.

However, as is often said,

she is no longer in any discomfort.

RIP Maggie.

27/03/2003 – 16/07/2016

Travel Theme-Exits




Travel Theme.


This week’s theme had me thinking until…..

I thought of how most of us will exit this world.


A few weeks ago we thought Maggie was getting ready to make her exit.

 The thought of digging a grave for her was not what I wanted to do at the

time as I had many other things on my mind including a hospital visit to

have a lymph gland removed and tested.


So with the help of a passing contractor we agreed to have

this metre by half metre deep hole added to our back yard.

I think our wires were crossed somewhere as

the steel gate is 90 centimetres/36 inches high and

the wooden fame is at least 1.8m/6 feet long.

We even talked of veterinary intervention

to put her out of her misery.

The next day the sun shone….and so did Maggie. 😀


A few days further and her coat arrived.

We nearly used the exit that day as she did not want a bar of it.

 The following weekend MGW, following the makers instructions,

took the coat off to give Maggie breathing space, or whatever.

When it came time to put in on that afternoon

Maggie nearly jumped into it.

And who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

We have been here nearly 11 years and only on Friday

did Maggie acknowledge that the weather (cold and wet)

came from the west and it could be warm and sheltered

on the eastern side of our abode.

Wonders will never cease.

And on this frosty Sunday morning Maggie is still enjoys a bone.

For the record…

as far back as I can remember working dogs and faithful pets

have always found a resting place close to home.  

Ginger’s is under the posts and concrete block in  

the top left hand corner of the grave photos.



Where’s My Backpack: Exits


Weekly Photo Challenge-Transition



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Before Ginger died, she was Maggie’s boss

and Soxie was backyard boss.

pets_0001Since Ginger’s death there has been…

and increasing battle for dominance of

this bed…Maggie’s bed.


Yesterday, with Sox ensconced on the bed…

 I suggested that Maggie should claim

her rightful position…

which she surprisingly did.

 More surprisingly she sat down on Sox.


It did not take Sox long to realise that…

That Maggie was heavy and try as he might…

it took a minute or two before Maggie moved…

pets_0010enough to wriggle his backside free and escape.

pets_0011Was I watching a transition of backyard manager here?

Probably not…Soxie came back to bed and nose to tailed Maggie.

Maggie was taking deep breaths where

I would not dare to take shallow breaths! 🙂






Weekly Photo Challenge-Treat


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



After several weeks of forecasting rain

it actually came last night and early this morning

DC Photography

At breakfast time the sky was dark …

sky_8103and the rumble of thunder could be heard…not so far away.

Which meant that peeking out to see if Maggie

was waiting for her breakfast was a formality.

maggie-sox_8106When she was let off her chain, she would not eat

her breakfast or even the treat I have given,

each morning, her since we moved.

Soxie had some of it but now returns to keep Maggie company.


With lightning flashing vividly “in our back yard”,

Maggie was happy to be treated

to one of Soxie’s head butts.

It was one less eye and ear to see and hear to storm..

maggie_8113However, the eye that could see what was going on was…

maggie_8114totally terrified and moving this way and that at a rapid pace.

Now at 0945 Maggie is still claiming ownership

to her bed and has not eaten breakfast,

even though the thunder is retreating.

It was a treat to listen to the rain.

We had 8 points in mid September and

tipped out 32 points this morning.

The first measurement for October, on average,

our wettest month.


Sorry, no links today…we are back to (slow) dial-up speed until midnight.
Don’t know how we ever used that speed and thought it good.
Software updates etc pushed us over our limit.
Will need to think about changing that..me thinks!


A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Opaque


My contribution for Word of the Week Challenge this week.


Our Maggie, like all labradors, could never…

maggie_0007abe accused of being transparent…


maggie_0703except when it comes to food and…

maggie_2005 041sleep.

When she was about two, MGW emptied a bottle of wine onto the ground, thinking it would be quickly absorbed.

An hour later MGW found Maggie looking a bit worse for wear.

Concerned, she bent over to have a talk to Maggie and received a lungful of Maggie’s exhaled breath…

and immediately knew why Maggie was looking a bit sad.

Maggie was drunk.







Travel Theme-Mischievous




Travel Theme.


The first year our apple tree bore fruit,
maggie_3824we noticed many apples had fallen to terra firma.maggie_3825‘The wind’. we thought…
maggie_3828until we saw our darling pet
maggie_3831scratching her back and knocking

apples to the ground in the process.

maggie_3832She has been known to pull them off the tree,

maggie_3834and sometimes she will eat….
maggie_3838one of the fallen variety…

maggie_3839if they suit her taste.

maggie_3840Looks like this one may be just what Maggie ordered.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Mischievous