From the time we first saw Taji the breeder put

a coloured ribbon around her neck

to signfiy she had been sold.

It wasn’t polka dots, however we will always remember

her wearing this polka dot ribbon

the day we collected her.

Soon after arriving at her new home

she was registered with the local council

and wears an identity tag on her collar.

In fact, she wears two collars.

One is a ‘pretty’ collar with her name

and phone number embroidered into it.

The other, made of leather, is more functional

and is the one used to tie her up at her kennel.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Identity





To satisfy a labrador it must have…

several hours of chewable bones…





…ten minutes of play and they are exhausted…

…a snack, anything will do…



…before they rest for whatever remains of their day.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Satisfy




They say a symptom of boredom in a dog,

is bad behaviour.

DC Photography

Do you think Candi was telling me she was bored?

Or was she trying to get rid of Maggie’s old bedding?

I have never noticed what I thought was teething in dogs before.

These two spent months chewing and generally wrecking the place.

Although many years ago I remember MGW telling me

that she replanted many garden plants before I

arrived home from work when either Maggie,

or Jess (our first Lab) was a pup.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Symptom