Reminiscent definition

If you say that one thing is reminiscent of another,

you mean that it reminds you of it.

Masaggie showed Taji at a very early age…

the best places for resting...


sleeping and….

how to sssstretch.

So when we see all these Maggie(isms)

we reminisce about Maggie.

Or do all Labradors behave like this.

We probably don’t want an answer to that question. 🙂

We see Taji doing things which Maggie did

and wonder did Maggie ‘teach’ Taji?

Or is it because Maggie and Taji were/are related?

We believe in the last option.

Maggie’s GGG and Taji’s GGGG were litter mates.

Small world?

One thing is for sure.

Maggie and Taji bonded almost immediately.

Maggie did not want to know

the little kelpie when she arrived.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Reminiscent





One thing is for certain.

There is no lingering…

…when a Labrador and food come in contact.

Even if absolutely chock-a-block full,

they manage to ‘take care/possession’

of said bounty, until there is room.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Lingering




During my working life I have come into contact

with many (sheep dog) pups…all of which

have a cute factor about them.

Candi did not take long to settle into

Number 2 Son’s arms.

He may have had a head start as

she was a Christmas or birthday gift

from him and daughter-in-law to me.

I have never seen an ugly Labrador

at this stage of its life.

Taji still loves to be handled and

given some rough play.



I think my all time favourite ‘cutes’ are

the several hundred photos I have

of ‘Nosy’ and ‘Rosy’ and Mum Limpy

on our last night in Africa 2013.

At 6-8 weeks old what more would a cub do

but munch on elephant dung

while watching tourists.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Cute





I believe that Labradors are the most

amicable bred of dog on earth.

I am also certain that I have raised the

ire in many who read this.

How could you not love that gentle face?

I know I post endlessly about our dogs/pets. 

Those offended, my apologies. 

However, many times they are

the perfect subject for a challenge.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Amicable



When Taji was younger she managed to

wriggle into a cats size kennel.

Upon calling her she awoke with a start,

cracked her head several times,

found it difficult to get her shoulders

through the opening and has never once

set foot in the little kennel again.

However, to this day they still chase any bird

which comes reasonable close to ground.

They have not learned that they are

not going to catch an alert bird.

But they are trying!



Word of the Day Challenge:  Teachable




From the time we first saw Taji the breeder put

a coloured ribbon around her neck

to signfiy she had been sold.

It wasn’t polka dots, however we will always remember

her wearing this polka dot ribbon

the day we collected her.

Soon after arriving at her new home

she was registered with the local council

and wears an identity tag on her collar.

In fact, she wears two collars.

One is a ‘pretty’ collar with her name

and phone number embroidered into it.

The other, made of leather, is more functional

and is the one used to tie her up at her kennel.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Identity