Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Places-People-Live


In late June 2018…

we visited Wiseman, Alaska.

Wiseman is 63 miles, or 101 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

Only eleven people live at Wiseman and

while it looked gorgeous in summer,

stories about Wiseman winters

made us want to head south.

Although I have to confess the scenery was spectacular..

A few weeks ago we visited

Whakarewarewa Maori Village

in Rotorua New Zealand. 

I’m not sure that I would like to live with geysers

and geothermal pools in my back yard. 

However, at least one could stay warm all year. 



A Victorian winter’s day, where all you have

to think of is whether to take a coat…or not.








10 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Places-People-Live

      • I look forward to reading about the Vietnam leg of your trip then. Our camera club ‘travel organiser/officer 😊 sent out a message last week to gauge interest in in a (7,8,9 day) Vietnam trip in 2020. My first reaction was no….we are going to Africa again in about June 2020. A second look made me realise why so many Aussies head north to our Asian neighbours for a short break. Lots of Australian destinations would love to visit but the cost is horrendous. And then their is an airfare on top. I would love to have seen the northern lights in action, but didn’t factor in summertime. And that Fairbanks only had about 20 minutes between sunset and rise. I have seen the lights in July/August from Saskatchewan and made an incorrect assumption. Apparently Wiseman is one of the best places for a viewing in December/January. It’s 0130 (Saturday) here…maybe time to turn in again.

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      • Thanks for all this information. We’ve heard that traveling in Vietnam is not too expensive — at least the hotels don’t seem to be. I’ll keep in mind your tips on when to visit Wiseman. Wish I were going sooner than later.


      • Our son is due back from two weeks University study/internship in Yogyakarta tomorrow. Not Vietnam. However, he told us that an evening meal cost him $AUD1.50. Not sure if Vietnam is the same but many travellers to Asia report that it is a relatively inexpensive area of the world.

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      • Certainly does. Our next trip is to Africa. Exchange rate is good and everything is included with the company we travel with….except souvenirs, drinks etc. Only thing is that wildlife does not always appear when required.

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    • It was fascinating to listen to the local talk, especially when he spoke of hunting. He said he had 45 minutes, at best, to skin the animal and butcher it, after he shot it before other predators would arrive for their ‘share’. Makes grumbling about supermarket queues not so bad. 😊


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