Weekly Photo Challenge-Time



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Time, I think, has several definitions…

Flinders-St-Stn-clocks_0064Around Melbourne these time pieces date back to at least the

Second World War, if not the First.

If you wanted to arrange a meeting place with someone

it was ‘…under the clocks…’ at Flinders Street Station.


I found this time piece in a garden.

 It is frozen in time…telling the correct time twice a day.

I often wonder if the time has any significance to the owner.


 One thing about a clock tower they can be

viewed from many vantage points.

This one can be seen from Sydney Harbour Bridge.


 Houses of a bygone time…early Sydney.


Melbourne’s Keepers of Time.

Gog and Magog have ruled over Royal Arcade for many years.

southern-cross_1967New automatic ticket collection machines were

supposed to save Victorian’s time…

but cost taxpayer billions of dollars to implement.

Manly_0300On a hot December day this little one was

having a whale of a time

while mum chatted to a friend.


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