Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 12


First let me say that I have not looked at any

other comments (apart from Chris’) or photos

about this challenge…as yet.

So, may be way off the mark.

Also the links to enlarge images were not working/opening

when I tried, so I have restricted my editing to

cropping and some colour, contrast enhancements.

With each of Cee’s photos I have included

the original followed by my version.
white wallWhite Wall and Door.

I listened to a camera club judge criticise an image similar

to this…’too much sunshine, harsh shadows etc‘.

However, I think these type of images reflect the

hard and long life that the shed/wall/door has had.

white wall-a

Cropped and contrast added to accentuate

the corrugations and shadows.

Probably should have left some wall

on the left of image as well.

I think if I had taken this shot I would have

taken a front on shot to ‘level’ the wall.

However, having said that it would have

lost corrugated shadows in so doing.

My initial reaction to Red Umbrella was that the

point of interest/subject and to small.

However, I do think that this shot gives the impression

of a lost umbrella and that its owner

may have gone in either direction.

In cropping this shot I wanted to make the umbrella,

undoubtedly the focal point with some leading lines

away from it to suggest the direction of its owner.

After cropping to enlarge subject, I must confess to

seeing photos with a small subject gain many

online Facebook likes…which left me

questioning my photographic eye.


I found the background a bit too busy here and

was not too sure what the focal point

should be…lights, tyre, numbers or lettering.


Cropping has helped, but I still think

the reflections are distracting.

Instead of the taxi filling nearly two-thirds of the frame

it now fills nearly the whole frame.

Better or worse??


Sunset at the Marina.

First thing to do was straighten the horizon.

I do like the sun’s rays and the line drawing

one’s eye to the background/sun


Again cropped and played around with colours.

Not really happy with the result.

Coloured Chairs.

A riot of colour and too many reflections, got me.

Also I think the chairs are fighting with the window reflection/car.


 even cropping does not help a great deal.

There are still lines running all over the place.  Finally, it has taken two days since completing this post to decide to post it.

And I have added bits and pieces here and there.

Apologies if I have blown this Cee.

Nearly did not complete this week at all.


CCYC: Wk-12-Critique-My-Work