Travel Theme-Mask




Travel Theme.


During our stay at Sausage Tree Safari Camp in South Africa…

mask_0001this mask adorned the wall of our tent/accommodation.


It was said to be a fertility mask.

The only fertility we wanted increased was that of our garden…

and it doesn’t appear to have helped there, either 🙂


Where’s My Backpack?: Mask



6 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Mask

    • We slept like logs…and the elephant, passing by, about twenty feet from our tent (which was on a concrete slab) was more interesting. Likewise the visitors to our tents only camp in Botswana. A sheet of canvas was the only thing separating us from a lion, which let out a deafening roar just after we had crawled into our sleeping bags. Breakfast conversation was animated to say the least.

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