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Travel Theme.


In a small town in Botswana…weaver_0291

we found this tree in the middle

of a small shopping centre.


 It was a hive of activity as the male inhabitants

of the tree fluttered from branch, to branch, to nest…


as they frantically tried to build the house of her dreams.


We were told that Mrs Weaver comes to inspect the nest

AFTER it has been built and if it is not up to her standard

will pull it apart…or demand a new one be made.

No-wonder these blokes were working so hard.


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Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 13


With a bunch of roses and a Nikon D90 battery,

I found inspiration for

CCYC – Perspective.

All photos were taken with my

Nikon D7100 and Sigma 18-250 zoom lens

set at 18mm.

In each photo I have tried to keep the top

of the roses and their reflection in the photo.

2-perspective-roses_8661The battery is too close to be sharp,

however, it looks huge compared to the jug/vase.

Also note how it compares with a regular kitchen chair.


Halfway to the roses – about 80cm – and

the battery begins to appear normal in size.

Note battery – chair comparison again.

Another 30 -40 cm and my battery is

starting to look like it may fit in the camera.


 Sitting alongside the jug and the grey battery is almost ‘lost’.

In all shots the chair size and roses have

remained static in size.

Did you also notice that the roses were nearly level

with the top of the window.

That window is 180 cm / 6 feet high.

The stems are not that long! 🙂

However, with the camera sitting

on the table and an 18mm lens the

flowers appear much taller than they are.

So another deceptive perspective

Perspective is something to be aware of when

taking family or group photos.

Recently we had a family photo taken.

The person taking the photo decided,

for reason best know to  himself, to move to our right.

Number 1 son was standing on the right extremity,

while I was on the left extremity of the group.

Photographer takes the shot after moving to our right

and suddenly yours truly is no longer a centimetre

shorter than Number 1 son.

I appear head and shoulders shorter than

nearly all of the family.

By the way…I hope everyone has a

Happy Valentine’s Day.


CCYC: Wk-13-Perspective