Silly Questions??

In a few months were are planning a trip to Europe.

The question is:

Does anyone have recommendations for

a reliable ISPs and/or telephone companies

which cover all countries

between and including, the U.K. and Germany?

Either Wi-Fi although a 3G/4G network/satellite

would be preferable.

Just thought there with the EEC that there may be ISPs/Telcos

which cover multiple countries.

Weekly Photo Challenge-State-of-Mind


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

State of Mind


An early rise yesterday, preceded a morning spent shooting lions.

Lion_0998I was not expecting to be in such close proximity to them…Lion_0999

 and I felt a bit like joining in their siesta

Not the same as shooting in the wild but

when they decide to come so close…

I will accept the acrylic or glass barrier.