Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Cold-Things


My contribution for this week’s

Cold Things



Hard to find things that are cold this time of year, however….

a frosty morning in the garden from

a winter or two back should fit.


Our garden certainly look cold.


One of my favourite summer, autumn winter, spring…


snacks should also be served cold.


This hut in Botswana certainly appeared warm.

However, there was about 12 inches gap between

the wall and the thatch which allowed a cold chill in.


So the next night we were happy to see walls and

thatch actually touching…until we felt a breeze.

The triangle above the windows, at both ends of the hut,

(mostly hidden by the tree branch) was made of fly wire.

 Wire woven in a fine mesh and as the name suggests

designed to keep flies and insects out.

Not a cold wind!