Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 11

Breaking the Rule of Thirds

I think this is something I always do.sunset_7689I think the sun looks best filling the frame as it does.

The small amount of foliage, at the bottom,

indicating how low it is.

moon_0004Similarly the moon looks at its best slap bang in the centre.


A few weeks ago I posted this (cropped) photo.

The antennae again as close to middle as it can be.cockatoos_0835

This is the original.

Again I was not taking too much notice of rules

when I shot it, just the cockatoos,

but it is a little off centre.

I think the first version is the winner here.


Again the moon is scrambling to be in the centre third,

however, for my liking there is too much of nothing around it.


This is by far my favourite version.


This was taken to mark the ten weeks old milestone,

possibly through the glass door.

I was watching her tail slowly wagging and thinking of

how you can train the Lab but you can’t train the tail.


The focus leaves a bit to be desired, however,

I think the overall effect is better after cropping

to centre Taji’s head/body in the shot.


CCYC: Wk-11-Breaking the Rule of Thirds