Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 14



I am way behind with this challenge, my apologies.Taji_8360Symmetry in one’s prized pooch,

or other livestock is always valued.

Even though Taji has her head slightly

to one side a line down her face

would provide two near symmetrical sides.


Apart from the blown out background and

the angle of our lawn and the rest of the yard

providing a lopsided view,

there is something missing in this picture.

Why is a Labrador sitting a few feet away

from some bread and not eating it?


When I show the original shot, the magpie balances the scene.

At least in my eyes it does.

Still  not a good photo though.


I have posted this shot a long time ago.

Horizontal symmetry…

or at least as close as I have ever seen.

Yes…severely cropped


upside down.

river_0076dThis is the way it should be viewed.


 And this is what we awoke to on our first morning in Botswana


CCYC: Wk-14-Symmetry