Black and White Tuesday16-1602


Black and White Tuesday

 February 16, 2016


Had a 400 kilometre round trip back

to my home town today.

Not a good photo, over exposed and not in focus.

This wallaby was posing, battery flat,

quick change and it was still posing for me.

I needed to take a deep breath and steady.

tank_8763These trees will be harvested and chipped within a few days.

However, I took the photo to show what is not there.

About fifteen years ago I was concerned that the

concrete tank, in photo, was going to fall apart so I

purchased a three thousand gallon plastic tank

and had it sitting this side of the concrete tank.

It appears that someone else decided they could

make use of it….$1,500 down the drain.

It would have taken some time to drain

the 14,000 litres of water before taking it.

And it is not the only item stolen…just the largest.

Don’t you just love the attitude of some?



Hope you enjoyed.