Travel Theme-Youngsters




Travel Theme.


A magical moment recalled from a visit to South Africa.

lion-cubss_0529This was our last night at Sausage Tree Safari Camp.

lion-cubs_0586The game drive was a surprise to all of us and…

lion-cubs_0582we managed to spend twenty minutes, just before sunset…

lion-cubs_0585with mum and her kids.


cubs_0707And like all kids, their favourite play spot was the elephant dung!

For twenty minutes twelve people did not breathe

as two cubs played on this dung,

only about fifteen feet from our vehicle.

As I said at the top…magic.


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16 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Youngsters

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    • It was. We had one of the photos drawn by Warren Cary a South African wildlife artist. We decided to do that prior to leaving…much better than something which is relegated to the drawer…

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