I am going with the long journey definition of ‘epic’

this week…and even then I’m not sure…

And I ask all readers to allow for the fact that

this was only Day 2 of our journey and

that this author saw ice at the top

of Sulphur Mountain (Banff) in July 1976;

drove along roads where it had snowed in June 1982,

and has never seen the white stuff since.

The journey I speak of is the

Peak2PEak Gondola Ride

up Whistler and across to Blackcomb Mountain.

After reading  my first statement you can see why

I thought this a magnificent sight.

However, the longest part of the journey was still to come,

with just under four and a half (4.4) kilometres,

or 2.73 miles, of cable between Whistler and Blackcomb

and no supporting towers in between, you left

gliding along some 1,427 feet above the valley floor.

And it appears much steeper when commencing

the return journey.

This is the longest, and highest,

unsupported length of cable in the world.

But descend among the clouds we did

and still marvel at the height and length

of this journey.


Pic and Word Challenge: Epic

11 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk149_Epic

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      • Aahh! Hence riding dozens of times. Re the Olympic rings…I sort of did. One foot in the bronze medal position and one hand holding. I did NOT do the posing on the Gold Medal spot like some others were. They had vacated the rings I had my photo taken and still received a dirty look when I decided because they had a change of mind and wanted another photo. I just hope most Aussies don’t act in the same manner when travelling. Was told that we received many of our Victoria-BC smiles and helpfulness because of our nationality. Hope that is true.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Whistler is Australia’s largest ski resort. My sister lives there with my brother-in-law — from Murwillumbah, NSW. They met in Whistler.

        We’re largely OK with Aussies here. 🙂 The ones who travel beyond Bali and London, England are a pretty fine mob. 😉 <grin>


      • WE couldn’t get over how many young Aussies we ran into who are working the resorts, including Whistler. My wife even met a former student of hers at Blue River Safaris. In 1976 I could not get a work visa…now I’m told Australians are flavour of the month largely because when they are at a resort they are not wanting, or cannot get home easily, for a weekend party, etc.

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      • Aussies have been the flavour since the ’80s. There’s been an exchange program in place with Perisher and other ski resorts which are actually in Australia since then. Whistler/Blackcomb actively recruits there.

        You just missed the party! 😦


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