Our day commenced with light rain falling…

the sort of rain which soaks in slowly

and you don’t realise you are wet

until your arms are cold.

About halfway through our morning, driver Clint,

noticed snow/ice on on-coming vehicles

which was soon followed by sleet/snow on our windscreen.

A little further on it was like looking

at all those Christmas cards,

only this time it was for real.

Mother Nature had treated us to twenty-seven centimetres,

or was it inches, of snow over night

and it was still snowing

For all of us who had not seen falling snow

this was a real treat and a photo

in falling snow was a must.

An all too brief walk around on the Glacier,

then it was time to move on.

My feet were in a hurry, got well in front of me

leaving me with a bruised ego and a wet derriere.


However, my ego recovered quickly

to allow me one more quick photo.