Upon arriving at Cotton Mall I spied this sign.

As enticing as this was…

I resisted.

Upon arriving home all I could think of was a pizza.

Then our soon to be Daughter-in-Law invited

us for dinner and

her home-made pizza.



Word of the Day Challenge: Enticing

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Wk2-Photo-Topic


Week 2 Photo Topics


One of our first stops was at a small town called….

Chemainus on Vancouver Island.

Chemainus is known for the murals painted

on nearly every available wall.

And it appears that are not available they create one

to make an adorable back drop to this water wheel.

I have a similar photo/slide from my first visit to Vancouver. 

The major difference between the photos is this Orca

is built of Lego blocks.   

In 1976 the Orca was in captivity

and performed for tourists.




I’m not sure…

If this boy playing with dog,

or dog playing with boy.

But i do know that our current pair of current pooches

love to play together.

Candi will play fetch until she drops…or we do.


and should both of us be outside,

she will alternate bringing the rope back

to each of us in turn.