Cameras were madly clicking as all those…

present took advantage of falling snow.

Many seeing it for the first time ever.


Must apologise for misreading ‘Lessen’ as ‘Lesson’ last week.

Just noticed it.

Fandango’s-One-Word-Challenge: Present



After a 14 hour flight from Brisbane we arrived

in Vancouver three hours before we departed Brisbane

thanks to time zone changes.

Another short flight saw us in Victoria.

The Butchart Gardens were high on our agenda,

however as it was part of our scheduled tour

we decided to leave it until then and

spent a few days ambling around Victoria.

We were so pleased we did as our tour coach

returned to Victoria only 90 minutes

after arriving at


We opted to make our own way back to town,

as Butchart was the only group visit that day.

Consequently we were able to amble around

for several hours and really enjoy the gardens.

We also stopped at the Butterfly Gardens,

just a few minutes from Butchart Garden.

Victoria’s Public Transport (buses) system is

a wonderful way to get around the city.

And we were so impressed by the

friendly, polite and helpful drivers who were

always smiling and ready to help two Aussie tourists.

Again many thanks  for making our few days

in Victoria a time to remember.


Word of the Day Challenge: Amble