Eyes, at least my eyes…have been sensitive to bright light and glare

for many years. 

I assume many other eyes share this sensitivity.


Word of the Day Challenge: Sensitivity

One Word Photo Challenge-Portrait


This piece of laneway art

in Melbourne…

doesn’t look happy seeing someone blocking the view.


One Word Photo Challenge: Portrait




I think (think because I photographed two windfarms

in recent years and there are no identifable landmarks)…

this may be the windfarm near our old home.

It was, with 104 turbines the largest, when built,

in the Southern Hemisphere.

Since then a windfarm of 231 turbines has been,

or is being, constructed

about an hours drive from Geelong.

Wind in the neighbours trees.


Kite surfing…

at Torquay beach.

Finally, windsurfers also near Torquay.