Book Review-Hammer-of-God-Greig-Beck

Hammer of God

(Alex Hunter #5.5)

Greig Beck


Hammer of God commences with a nuclear explosion somewhere in Iraq.  Naturally this upset the status quo a coalition peace keeping force was trying to bring to the region.  To exacerbate the situation the last images from the area do not show and sign of an airborne device being used.  The only thing out-of-place is a huge man/person carrying a rather large package on its back right into ground zero.

Major Jack Hammerson and Alex hunter (The Arcadian), join forces with an old ally and Mossad spy Adira Senesh.  They are soon enmeshed in a story of ancient prophecies which appear to be true.

Again Greig Beck has written about the ancients and prophecies of evil and shaped it into a plausible storyline.   However it was not one of his best books I my opinion.  That may be entirely due to the subject of his story which are these giants walking around with nuclear devices strapped to their backs.  It was not until the first explosion that I remembered reading/listening to it about four years ago and I felt I was going through the motions of reading ‘because I had started the book’.  A book needs to be really bad (in my opinion) before I will discard before completing it.  Hammer of God was good enough to listen to a second time, but I find I am liking books which do not have monsters lurking…somewhere these days.  A sign of age?  Maybe.


I think

Hammer of God


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I am also surprised that so few have bothered

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