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The Games


James Patterson

The Games are set in Rio at the time of the World Cup (Soccer) finals and just prior to the 2016 Olympic Games opening two years later.  One location, two events on which the Private Security Company has major input.

Jack Morgan is again the lead character in The Games, which sees him fighting to save kidnap victims and stop a scientist out to destroy the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games.  The scientist has two reasons for wanting to destroy the Opening Ceremony; however, you will need to read the book!

I enjoyed The Games.  It is the first audiobook I have heard which has background, mood and noise incorporated into the narration.  However, if you listen to it while driving and have a car that emits all kinds of beeps as warning signals be forewarned.  There is one section in the book when I thought my car was falling apart or at least warning me of oncoming dangers.

My only negative with the writing is that the characters never, question, mumble, chuckle, grumble or laugh when speaking.  All dialogue is simple.  ‘I will open the door’ he/she/I said.  I am sure there are other ways of writing conversations to make it more meaningful.  Using the word ‘said’ all the time is akin to primary school writing.  I am fairly certain that I have read other authors who have also used ‘said’ constantly.

I have heard this question discussed on the radio.  Who is writing James Patterson’s books these days?  Did Mark Sullivan write the story and James Patterson only approve it?  Or are Patterson and his myriad of co-authors actually writing books together?

Typical of Patterson’s works, The Games is fast-moving with several interwoven plots which eventually are all solved.

Considering the subject is contemporary, set recently and combining this, with background sounds, I will stretch its rating to four stars.  Without the aforementioned three and a half stars cannot be accommodated in a Goodreads rating.

James Patterson fans will love it.

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The Games

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