Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Teal-Aqua-Seafoam-Turquoise


Torquay, my favourite beach,

leads the way this week….

I think that might have been the end of that ride.


Hope this is the right colour also.

Glacier Bay…again hope not too blue.


And I think there may be some 

Aqua or Turquoise…

in these colours.


Finally, I am fairly certain these boats,

captured at Capri, are showing

this week’s colours also.




A few years ago…

I drove past a new development and

just had to stop for a quick photo.

 Just in case you are having difficulty seeing the photo.

I really hope that not many new homes

are developed in this manner.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Develop




All over the world, at airports large and small,

are scenes likes  this.

Jet and propeller driven planes large and small waiting

to take passengers and/or cargo

from point A to point B.

The fact that little planes can become airborne

is amazing let alone these giants of the sky.

My current favourite plane is the Boeing 787,

the lightest of which weighs 229 Tonnes,

yet is still able to lift around 242 to 335 passengers,

their luggage and fuel for the journey,

with relative ease.

All thanks to Bernoulli’s Principle.

 Daniel Bernoulli recognised that the shape of a wing

helped lift a plane into the air because

air passing over the curved top of the wing

has to travel faster to achieve the same distance

as air passing under the straight bottom of a wing.

Fast moving air equals low air pressure

on top of the wing while the reverse

is true of air passing under the wing.

Higher air pressure under the wing assists

a plane to lift off the ground and stay airborne.

Source: Wiktionary.org

At slower take off and landing speeds flaps are

extended forward and aft to increase

the distance air has to travel over the wing

and therefore increases lift as well.

At least that is my assumption.

Although I have sourced Wiki for today’s post,

I also taught a ‘Flight’ unit to Grade 3 & 4 students

during a placement while studying

my primary teaching degree….and still remember it.








I  think all but one image reflects my sub theme this week.First one of the several small water falls/features

in the Cascade Gardens

in Banff, Canada.

Athabasca Falls Alberta, Canada.

Another shot from Athabasca Falls,

Alberta, Canada.

Maligne Canyon Falls, Alberta, Canada.

While not strictly in keeping with the rest of my post

this leaf caught my eye as

I was leaving Maligne Canyon Falls.

However, it could be argued that these water droplets

would not be hanging around for much longer.





Looking at my first image…

you would are likely to think,

just a young bloke out fishing.


Then we see some white water and… 

the probability of him coming

to grief rise significantly…

at Zimbabwe’s

Victoria Falls.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Probability



Our spokesperson, Ken…

expressing, on our behalf, our gratitude to Kaczy

for the wonderful person she was/is during

the Alaskan leg of our travels.


A week or so earlier Ken had acted in a similar capacity

when we bade Bob farewell in Vancouver.


And each time we are able to rise before the sun

to capture images such as this,

no matter what aches and pains there maybe,

or how cold the morning,

we should off up a prayer of gratitude

simply because we are able.


Pic and Word Challenge: Gratitude




A wet day in… 

colourful Murano.


Even the rain could not hide…


Murano’s colourful character.

A young African dancer’s dress.

A preening parrot at Geelong’s Balyang Sanctuary.

LIghts in a restaurant… 


near the London Eye.


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